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Legal Information

Specialty Compositions & Copyrights

Need a special sound file?  - We can turn your special song or a song you own into a sound file that can be placed on your website.  Transcription charges of $45/hr will apply. 

You must own the copyright or the work must be in PUBLIC DOMAIN.

New Compositions - Unique composition requests will be accommodated.  Hourly rates are negotiable, depending on the desired exclusivity of use.

Arrangements - We can arrange your song for different voicing or instrumentation.  We only do this if you own or have obtained the copyright.


Copyrights to the materials and sound files from this website remain the property of the composers, publishers and this website.  They may not be duplicated, modified, reproduced or performed, except as provided for in the licensing agreement. 

The owners of this website will NOT knowingly create or license or otherwise use materials that are currently copyrighted.

Current US copyright law allows copyrights to run 75 years from first publication.  On copyrighted material, the © symbol usually appears near the beginning along with the date of the copyright.